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Month: February 2018

Going College To USA

The variety and sheer volume of universities in the US mean that you can be more confident to find the more suitable institution. To study in the US depending on your study level and subject you may have to take an admission test, like the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for the graduate level and SAT for the undergraduate level.

There are four years to complete undergraduate degrees at US universities. The wide range of subjects are studying in the first part of the degree means some electives and required and after that students select the one subject or subjects on which they want to focus also called “major(s)”. you have to earn mine qualification along for your major subject to complete classes in an additional field.

There are two semesters in the academic year, fall (autumn) semester starts in the mid to last of August and ends in December, while the duration of spring semester starts from January to May.

Entry Procedure for foreign students in US University:

The selection and admission for foreign students in American universities is currently the biggest issue and important decision of your life. Your earnings, career and even personal future depend upon it. Unfortunately, it is the complicated, difficult, uncertain and long process. Sometimes the US universities are very expensive. So, therefore, scholarships are launched for the students.

It is necessary to understand and speak well English:

English is very necessary to speak and understand English because all the courses, exams and papers are in English. The admission requirements of the university also include the initial test of English if a student can pass the initial test then he will be eligible for the admission in the university.

Students’ future depends on it to select the university carefully:

it is very necessary and tough work to select a university. It depends on students’ future. The undergraduate level has 3{afb98de90fc6c87a5119316557f94f33b6ab30d8986100d39e60ff8feecaad5f} rate for foreign students of admission. It is necessary to apply for at least four universities because it is the very low rating for a student’s selection. 1600 Universities in America have Graduate programs. This is an extremely important selection and that is to determine your entire life. Complete the file on time because of extremely competitive admissions. Late file or incomplete file will not even be read. Different policies are followed by them while in the process of admissions and requirements. They may also ask for different essays.

Files completion in perfect English:

Universities scholars will check your easy and then they will correct it and then select the symbols of recommendation. The strategies of admission in perfect English should be established for each university. The student should prepare himself for the interviews and can also visit the campus if necessary.

A study in the US:

In the world, there are a thousand universities that welcome applications from the international students. It is about to take 2 years so it is important to plan ahead for the process of applying to a university. To apply to university there are many factors to consider when choosing a university. The Advance Placement Program is recognized by most universities and colleges in the US. And that offers university-level courses preparation and exams by which you can get and earn university credit or placement.

Good luck everyone.

Why Statistics is Important

Statistics assignments are some of the most difficult types of work that students encounter at school. Today, even during elementary school statistics is introduced, but the level of statistics required to succeed at high school and college is much higher.

Statistics assignments often require help in the form of a tutor or other in order for the student to succeed and pass his or her class. This is because even the type of college-level statistics required for a humanities degree is often unfamiliar to the college student, who has encountered basic statistical ideas in high school but has never had to apply them in a concerted fashion, or at the high level that is required to emerge onto the working scene as a professional and climb the career ladder.

Statistics, actually, is a fundamental discipline for a wide variety of occupational areas which, even when failing to state stats or math as required skills, nevertheless will now and then present aspirants to high level jobs with tasks requiring them to apply statistics skills in order to achieve a desired outcome.

This reality demonstrates how important it is for all students to achieve a strong basic grounding in statistics because, even if they pass their stats classes in school, failing to be able to apply the statistical techniques learned in school could make them look bad at work or fail to gain a promotion if they are unable to do a statistical analysis or develop a report using statistics in a professional and skillful way.

Using Statistics Assignments as a Learning Tool

When students encounter statistics in high school and college, many of them just want to get through with their classes as quickly as possible and with the minimum knowledge necessary to pass, or, in the case of students with high standards, to maintain their desired GPA.

However, this is a misguided approach because statistics assignments are an opportunity for students to engage with the discipline, discover what they know and don’t know, apply the skills they are learning in class, and attempt to solve problems that require internalization of knowledge.

When students practice problems, the knowledge they develop is constructed from the inside through the relationship between applying theory to practice and technique.

It is well known that a desired learning outcome is achieved better the more types of stimuli are applied towards the same learning goal. In the case of statistics, the more the student is able to combine listening to lectures, observing the teacher solve problems on the board, and practicing applying those same techniques to problems presented on statistics assignments and homework, the more complete and permanent the knowledge and skills gained will be.

For students wishing to gain a strong hold of their stats, seeking statistics assignment help for homework and other practice opportunities further helps to deepen their knowledge and also helps them to retain it better. A statistics tutor or helper provides one more element of feedback to add to the student’s learning repertoire that can help to make information stick.

Putting it All Together

While we all know that we will confront statistics in school and college, even those of us who are sure we will never use it will benefit from seeking statistics assignment help from tutors or others who can guide us so that we can use these assignments as learning tools.

The more practice a student has, the easier applying the material they are required to know will be. When basic statistical knowledge and the ability to apply statistical techniques have been gained, a person will no longer view statistics and math as barriers that delimit the life paths they can and cannot pursue.

Statistics assignments provide a really excellent opportunity to internalize statistics knowledge and practice and make it permanent, which can only benefit the individual in the short and the long runs.

How To Write Personal Essay

As college admissions consultants, one of our primary tasks here at college is to help students write the best personal essays they possibly can. As we’ve noted before, the personal statement has the potential to seriously help a college understand why they should accept you. At the same time, knowing how powerful a personal essay can make the prospect of writing one seem difficult intimidating.

The stress of writing a personal statement that some students face can cause some to feel tempted to instead cheat the system for fear that they cannot succeed or will not be accepted to a satisfactory college otherwise. Some recruit someone or several people to write their essay for them, or even try to submit essays or portions of essays that they find online as their own work. This is considered plagiarism, and we do not condone it in any way.

Because we know how stressful the college application process can be, we’d like to take the time here to remind you all that plagiarism is never the answer. Though competitive and complicated, the college admissions process is not an unwinnable game. There are virtually no benefits to being dishonest; meanwhile, cheating leaves you vulnerable to endless issues and negative repercussions. What many students do not realize-and what we would like to highlight here-is that it is remarkably easy to identify plagiarism. Chances are, if you do not write your own application essay, you’ll get caught – and here’s why.

What Counts as Plagiarism?

First, let’s clarify what a university admissions committee would consider to be plagiarism to avoid unknowing offenses. Plagiarism is defined as is the act of claiming another’s work as your own. The most obvious form of plagiarism in the college application process involves hiring a freelance writer or company who will write your essay for you. Though it may seem appalling, these companies and individuals do exist and operate. However, if you are caught using their services, it is you, not them, who will suffer through the negative repercussions.

Another form of plagiarism involves copying-and-pasting sentences or entire paragraphs you did not author into the Common App. Even if you generated some of the content of your essay, one stolen sentence or paragraph is enough to be incriminating.

Additionally, gross over-editing from a parent, guidance counselor, or tutor becomes plagiarism when you are no longer writing the essay but rather directing your family and teachers to do so. What’s more, there really is no “fine line” between getting help and plagiarizing-if you are cheating, you will know. It is certainly okay and even encouraged for students to seek advice and feedback from teachers, parents, and guardians. But when you begin to allow your helpers to sit at the computer and type for you, a red flag should arise in your mind. When an editing session reaches that level of involvement, it has usually gone too far.

Why Is Plagiarizing Bad? An Ethical Approach

Before we ever launch into a discussion of the very real repercussions that can come of plagiarism, we think it’s important to discuss the ethical argument against plagiarism. As we state above, we do not condone it, because it disservices both you and your accomplices in the long run. Obviously is it unethical to put your name on another person’s words and take credit for their work; this is unfair to the original writer.

That said, it is wildly unfair to you as well. By cheating, you admit to believing that you need someone else to help you get into the right school when, in fact, just the opposite is true. The only person who can get you into the best school for you is-you guessed it-you. If you wind up being placed at a college based on work that isn’t your own, it could certainly come back to bite you later. Ultimately, you should want to end up at an institution where you are accepted on your own merit-these are the institutions that can best service you, your work ethic, and your specific set of strengths and weaknesses, and you need to apply honestly.

What’s more, you put yourself at a disadvantage by hiring someone else to write your personal statement for you, since the ultimate goal of the essay is to share intimate information about your personality-something you can do better than anyone else. Often, when students allow parents or tutors to revise their personal statement with too heavy a hand, the idiosyncrasies of the student are erased.

Why Not Plagiarize? The Practical Approach

We’ll start off by saying that it is usually fairly transparent when a student hasn’t written his or her personal statement. If the voice of your personal essay sounds inconsistent with that of other sections of your application, an adcom might notice and investigate further. College applications present you with many opportunities to voice your opinions-in the personal statement, through supplemental essays, or at an interview-and college admissions committees are particularly attuned to your voice throughout the process; this is because, ultimately, adcoms are trying to arrive at an admissions decision based upon your personality and mode of thinking. If you present a certain way in your interview and Common App but sound different in your personal statement, it will raise a red flag.

Your English grades and TOEFL test scores can serve as another point of reference for adcoms as they read your personal statement. If your scores are average, but your essay is extremely well written, adcoms may question your essay’s credibility.

Moreover, adcoms are aware that it can be tempting to plagiarize a personal statement. They also know that there exist many consulting companies and outside parties that are willing to write essays for hire. Because of this, any suspicion about the credibility of your personal essay will trigger further investigation and may disqualify you from admission if substantiated.

Practically speaking, there are multiple ways for colleges to find out you haven’t written your own essay. Because application materials are submitted online, it’s easy to run plagiarism checks on essays through outside parties. Harvard is just one of many universities that uses this software capability to weed out plagiarizers.

Finally, stakes are high and universities do not entertain cheaters. If a college finds out that plagiarized your essay, you can expect an immediate rejection, or for your admission to be rescinded if a college finds out after the fact.

Consider Taking Politics For Career

With all that has been going on during the past few years in the political area, some students serving in student government and those with Political Science or History as a major may think about going into Politics.

People who choose that direction may be motivated by a number of things. Among them may be the desire to:

– Serve the people in their community, city, state or Country

– Do good and make things better for the people they represent

– Assume a position of power

– Boost their ego

– Take advantage of opportunities for personal gain

To be successful, students must possess the personal qualities that seem to permeate politics today. Of course, some of these qualities may be good, while others tend to be bad for the people they represent.

Admirable Qualities:

– Looks out for the best interests of the people they represent

– Puts Our Country ahead of Their Political Party

– Honest

– Trustworthy

– Hard Working

– Good communication skills

– Intelligent

– Self-confident

– Able to build agreement and support

– Always concerned with the best interests of Our Country

Less Admirable Qualities:

– Is Willing to Tell Lies about everything and anything

– Obfuscates information and facts to make them difficult to understand

– Talks out of Both Sides of His/Her Mouth, whichever is expedient

– Puts their Political Party ahead of the People they represent

– Takes Money in return for their support and votes

– Allows Lobbyists, Special Interests and PAC’s to influence their votes

– Sponsors Bills that support Large Organizations but Hurt Average People

– Puts Personal Gain ahead of Constituents and Our Country

– Ignores the National Debt

– Ignores the need for a Balanced Budget

– Favors the Rich over the Middle-Class Workers

– Tacks on PORK to desirable and important Bills

– Willing to Inflate Costs, as long as it Benefits Them

– Is willing to obstruct investigations to protect cronies

– Makes unsubstantiated accusations against opponents

– Plays fast and loose with facts

– Denies responsibility for anything that goes wrong

– Quick to hurl insults at anyone who disagrees

– Unwilling to work with members of the other Party on any issue

– Willing to blindly follow Party dictates

Of course, some people go into politics with the best intentions but end up being seduced by money, power and personal gain. Others are pressured and intimidated into submission by other politicians in their own party. Sometimes, it is not a pretty picture.

Those with political power seem to be motivated by one thing – staying in power. It seems that they are willing to do anything in order to accomplish that goal. Either way, aspiring politicians should ask themselves:

– Are my political intentions good and honorable?

– Will I always put my Constituents, State and Country first?

– Will I work to eliminate unethical behavior, corruption and improper personal gain from politics?

Some students see a broken system and want to change the way things work in politics today. Other students may only see the personal benefits that can result from holding political office. Which person is hiding in you?