Memory foam has become a buzzword for consumers looking for the mattress with the ultimate levels of comfort and support. A mattress is a significant investment and consumers want to make the right choice. Discover the benefits of the Nectar 11 memory foam mattress.

Affordable Comfort

Cost is one of the concerns for consumers in the market for a memory foam mattress. These luxurious mattresses can be quite expensive, and the price is beyond the budget for some people. The Nectar 11 memory foam mattress is an excellent combination of comfort and affordability.

Firmness Matters

Beyond being an inviting memory foam mattress, the Nectar also offers firmness for support when people sleep. It has an ultra-dense foam structure that stands up to being used every night. And the firmness level guarantee gives buyers peace of mind about getting the support they need to sleep well.

Keeping Cool

Getting overheated during the night is another issue when people shop for memory foam mattresses. The Nectar has a coolness feature that ensures people feel at ease while they are at rest. It is designed and made with an innovative woven fabric and unique breathing airflow to keep sleepers cool.

A Warranty

Some people purchase a mattress and later discover it is not the right fit. Consumers who invest in a Nectar have peace of mind knowing they enjoy a one-year trial period. Plus, it comes with an impressive lifetime warranty.

Luxurious Feel

Beyond all these incredible features, the Nectar also has a top layer of gel memory foam for added softness. And the Tencel infused quilted cover makes it easy for people to slide into bed and feel ready to sleep. Cool and luxurious surfaces make bedtime more appealing.

Medium Firm

Unlike other mattresses of its kind, the Nectar is medium firm. This level of firmness is the perfect level of comfort for most sleepers. As a result, consumers instantly recognize the mattress provides the support they need for a good night’s sleep.

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